What are the benefits of having the right spare parts in stock?

by | May 15, 2019 | News and Events

EFFICIENCY: If you have spare parts on hand, your operations can quickly be back online even if you experience a major breakdown. You do not lose any time.

SAVINGS: The acquisition of spare parts costs nothing in comparison to the cost of a breakdown or shut down if you do not have spare parts in stock.

GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: If you do not have the required spare parts on hand, the affected machines may need to be shut down whilst waiting for new parts. If vital parts are affected, this may result in entire plant shutdown, leading to missed deadlines and poor customer experience.

BUT WHY DOES THE MARKET PREFER TOPFIBRA’S ALUMINIUM BEAM PUSHERS? The survey which we’ve been running each year shows that the main reasons are:

1) The bearings are the “slow rotation – high pressure” type, so the durability is +50% higher

2) The internal springs are calibrated to apply the correct pressure on the steel band

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