The importance of qualified GRP supervision

by Nov 9, 2017Product Sourcing and Supervision Services

During my work in the GRP pipe installation, first as an EPC Contractor and then as a Filament Winding Specialist, I was called to resolve several mistakes that occurred during the GRP pipes installation.

The GRP pipes are very competitive nowadays and, as I said in my previous post, it is important that the engineers involved in specifying or designing GRP pipes have a clear understanding of their properties and characteristics.

However, it is also important that the contractors too have a clear understanding of GRP properties and characteristics
that a GRP qualified supervisor is on site during all the operations.

The GRP supervisor will help the contractor perform all the activities incorporating the best practices, planning and anticipating them, avoiding unnecessary costs.

The main tasks of a GRP supervisor are as follows:

  • unloading the pipes (especially if the truck or container is loaded with nested pipes);
  • unloading the couplings and fittings;
  • preparation of the storage area for pipes and fittings;
  • internal transportation;
  • trench excavation and preparation for pipe installation;
  • bedding and backfilling analyses;
  • pre-installation activities;
  • pipe installation (including the correct connection with rigid structures);
  • site control after installation.

Moreover, the GRP supervisor will be needed for:

  • worksite safety procedures;
  • handling of the lubricants for the installation;
  • repairs and laminations on site.

I would like to mention our last project in Angola, where TOPFIBRA’s GRP supervisor organized the GRP installation and provided support and assistance to the main contractor.

Final result? 14 km of the pipeline verified in the field, 100% success in the first run.

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