Know How transfer – Audit and Training

When you are dedicated and passionate about investing in a technology, you have a picture in mind and a strong desire for results you could achieve in a certain period of time. You work hard, you are ready and prepared to take risks and every day you plan carefully how to invest your hard-earned money.

Each project in the filament winding technology goes through several stages and several strategic choices that, if implemented and made in the right way, will eventually enable you to make profit.

Every product that you manufacture will obviously have to be ENGINEERED and produced through a PROCESS in which you will use MACHINES and MOLDS that require proper MAINTENANCE. You will transform the RAW MATERIALS, apply THERMAL TREATMENT and, in the end, verify the QUALITY of your product, and only then will you bring it to the MARKET, earning your PROFIT.

Do you want to know what matters the most?

It is the implementation. It is how you do it and how you measure the results step by step.

In other words, the investments you need to make must be well thought out, but having a clear strategy of the process and controlling the results daily will do the trick.