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TOPFIBRA is an engineering company, founded by Mauricio Facchinetti and Fabio Fracasso, specialized in EFFECTIVE FILAMENT WINDING – a method which we have developed to help you get the desired results in terms of effectiveness, productivity, competitiveness, costs and profit. We analyze your complete process and thus enable you to develop a clear strategy of your business and do so with the utmost confidence.

Effective Filament Winding

TOPFIBRA’s expertise in design and engineering ensures that your Continuous Filament Winding and Discontinuous Filament Winding Plants and Processes are optimized to meet your business needs.

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For the people whose working in this type of industry, you will understand the meaning of wonderful service after working with Topfibra . Nice job Mauricio and Fabio …. good luck

Mohamed Shayah – Plant Manager GRP production

For us, the support of TOPFIBRA has been very important, since our projects not only involve the supply of piping, but also technical support to our customers, in order to guarantee an adequate installation and operation of the system. These projects, due to their high complexity, require a highly trained and knowledgeable staff of the GRP pipeline, so the knowledge acquired from TOPFIBRA in several years has been of great help, generating technical support in high pressure projects and projects that are not standard as trenchless installation , submarine installation, industrial projects, among others. On the other hand, TOPFIBRA staff is highly committed, so we can count on your assistance in the shortest possible time, which allows us to respond to the client in the most timely manner.

Angela Maria Donoso Rojas GRP Chief Technical Director

What I liked most about TOPFIBRA is the dynamic way of facing different situations and, above all, the quick and effective response. The approach to the subjects has seemed very assertive, and above all the analytical form in which they expose all their experience to discard the causes that are not related to the different situations, arriving in a more versatile way to the root cause and above all its accompaniment in the processes and clarity in them. I would recommend to all companies where the GRP process is used in pipes and tanks. Also to contractor companies that need on-site support. Personally, I am very happy with the consultancies that we have had on your part, especially the support and the technical part, we have always found in a very positive way your timely contact.

Fabian Draga Hurtado GRP Project Coordinator

Commissioning the work to Topfibra I solved many doubts about the design of the filament winding. Topfibra has proved to have the needed experience in the filament winding sector by providing security and guarantees on the design. I am very impressed with their versatility and problem solving. Topfibra has proven to be highly prepared and approach each problem with seriousness and dedication.

Salvatore Paiano – Composites