As you are well aware, the cutting of large diameter GRP pipes for the manufacturing of fittings has always been a complicated and lengthy affair, and is consequently one of the most expensive, labour intensive phases in the supply of GRP pipelines.

During my visits in differents GRP plants around the world, I always saw the fitting department as the "dark side" of the GRP  manufacturing.

Meanwhile with a Continuous Winder is possible to produce for example a ND 2600 GRP pipe at a production rate higher than 16 meter /hour with few workers, when we analyse the fitting department working on the ND 2600 fitting production (doing a elbow, or Tee or other type) we  get a shock:

A lot of workers need to be involved in the job, we see fiberglass dust flying around, extremely low efficiency, risks of injuries and health hazard for the worker.

  • If I would tell you that you can cut within minutes  instead of  nearly 4 hours the same pipe , getting an accurate cutting  of pipe ends, segments and cut-outs, would you believe it?
  •  And if I add that there will not be any risk of injury and health hazard because the operator can stand far away during the cutting?
  • And finally that it is possible to perform any type of cut for any type of fitting?

Yes, it is possible, the solution is right here.

The marking and cutting operation for fitting   can be optimised by utilising an innovative GRP pipe cutting technology, the so-called Fittings Cutting Station

Fittings Cutting Station

The Fittings Cutting Station (FCS) allow accurate and rapid cutting (within minutes) of pipe ends, segments and cut-outs for fitting manufacturing operations.

After the installation the efficiency of the manufacturing of fittings will increase by more than 50% and furthermore, the factory will avoid costly and labour intensive phases, complicated marking of pipes, risk of injury and health hazards related to dust generation.

Execution of a precise cut-out for a TEE branch

Another very important unformation: after the installation of the FCS you will be able to forget about the

Four Hidden Dangers of frequent manual cutting of GRP pipes for fittings.

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