A New Era in Filament Winding has begun

TOPFIBRA is an modern engineering company specialized in integrated solutions for CONTINUOUS FILAMENT WINDING and DISCONTINUOUS FILAMENT WINDING process, products and production lines. Our team, with more than 15 years' experience in the composites industry, through our Effective Filament Winding  methodology an innovative technology, optimization services for any filament winding process and finished product, as well as project supervision and turn-key project management. Complete 360° services are offered for existing production plants, including auditing, technology upgrades, process optimization, product design, spare parts and consumables.

Continuous & Discontinuous Filament Winding Plants

TOPFIBRA's design and engineering expertise ensures that your Continuous Filament Winding Plant and Process as well the Discontinuous Filament Winding Plant and process is optimised to meet your business needs.

Advanced R&D, Design and Prototyping

Innovation is our first target. Our R&D department is the best connection between a new idea and industrialization.

 Turn Key Project management 

TOPFIBRA has extensive experience in the management of large complex projects and it is specialised in the sourcing, auditing and delivery of finished products. 

Consumable and Spare Parts for FW machines

TOPFIBRA Services department can assist you with your Spares and Consumables management for all  Discontinuous and Continuous Filament Winders.